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Matress cleaning is often overlooked by many householders. Matresses have a tendency to quickly build up dust mites and their excrement. Dust mites can defecate hundreds of time their body weight in their 10 weeks lifespan, as well as lay hundreds of eggs at time.

Failing to properly clean and sanitize your family matresses, can result in severe build up of invisible excrement, which is the primary cause of many types of allergies associated with respiratory problems.

At Floorbusters, we have a special solution that will control allergen for a period up to six months providing a healthier environment for the whole family.

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Other Services

With a large range of services that we offer, such as carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, flood damage restoration, rugs cleaning, carpet spot colour restoration, we offer special discounts when more than one service is combined.

We always like to best match your preferred day to clean your carpets, and satisfaction guaranteed on all our services.

With our carpet cleaning service, we also specialise on end of lease clean, our vehicles have a generator on board at no extra cost, to cater for customers whom have to disconnect the electricity.

Given our direct professional experience with landlords and agents, we know and understand the requirements and expectation demanded from tenants upon inspection time to present the property in pristine condition. Our understanding of these requirements places us as one of the most preferred carpet cleaners to service rental properties.

Our carpet cleaning services can be performed as carpet steam cleaning, or carpet dry cleaning.

When required we offer deluxe clean, where we scrub the carpet first to agitate and loosen soiled areas and then we steam clean the carpet to extract the dirt living a carpet clean and soft.

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